First-Time Attendees

Is this your first SIGGRAPH conference?

When you walk into the Anaheim Convention Center, you will be fascinated by the complex web of programs and events at SIGGRAPH 2016. And maybe overwhelmed. Where should you start? How should you allocate your limited time? Which programs and events are focused on your main areas of interest? How can you create a plan that leaves room for surprise and delight?

Whether you’re in animation, research, product development, fine arts and design, or games, SIGGRAPH 2016 has something for you. A few suggestions:

  • Attend Ready, Steady…SIGGRAPH!!! This panel explains how to maximize your conference experience, select the “don't-miss" sessions, and decipher the convention center's layout.
  • In Courses, you’ll learn from the experts and gain inside knowledge that’s critical to career advancement. Start with the Fundamentals Seminar, where the goal is to make SIGGRAPH 2016 more understandable and enjoyable, for everyone.
  • The conference also provides a relaxed yet enlightening educational atmosphere. Review the Talks and Panels, and select sessions that match your area of interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
  • Technical Papers Fast Forward is always a “must-attend" event: an entertaining, illuminating summary of SIGGRAPH 2016 Technical Papers.
  • Collaborate with other attendees in the Experience Hall (Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, Studio, and VR Village). And check out the Experience Presentations, informal sessions on new ideas related to techniques, concepts, and strategies displayed in the Experience Hall.
  • In Production Sessions, some of the world’s most talented computer graphics experts and creative geniuses explain how they create amazing visual adventures.
  • Real-Time Live! showcases the latest trends and techniques for pushing the boundaries of interactive visuals.
  • The Computer Animation Festival features high-tech projection of the past year’s finest achievements in animated feature and short films, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, game excerpts, and much more, Make sure you have a ticket for the festival’s Electronic Theater!
  • Get up-close and hands-on with the newest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services from hundreds of companies in the Exhibition. For an informative preview of the products and announcements that companies are planning for SIGGRAPH 2016 attend the Exhibits Fast Forward a fast-paced, entertaining session before the Exhibition opens.
  • If you’re an app aficionado,  don’t miss Appy Hour, a techno-social soirée where attendees interact with the developers and experience the next generation of mobile media.
  • Between sessions, look for SIGGRAPH 2016 networking opportunities. They can influence your professional and personal life for years to come. The best socializing event is the Conference Reception, the SIGGRAPH community’s annual social and intellectual gathering.

To optimize your conference planning, download and review the Advance Program, then use the SIGGRAPH 2016 Mobile App to create your personal conference schedule.

Remain calm. Wear comfortable shoes. Enjoy SIGGRAPH 2016!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the SIGGRAPH 2016 Committee.