Call For Submissions

  All Submission Deadlines

Birds of a Feather is accepting submissions through Friday, 22 July. All other Calls for Submissions are closed. Thanks to all who submitted content to SIGGRAPH 2016.

At SIGGRAPH, we celebrate the synergy of art, science, and technology. We are passionate about graphics, interactivity, enhanced realities, games, mobile, robotics, and visualization (to name a few!), and keen on the interdisciplinary points of connection and collaboration among the disciplines. For more than 40 years, our conference has served as a hub, bringing together scholars, creative practitioners, and industry professionals who continue to inspire, educate, and exemplify innovative approaches to various communities within computer graphics and interactive techniques. 
SIGGRAPH 2016 will continue to build on this legacy while striving to create stronger connections among our existing, converging and emerging communities. We are determined to render the possibilities and celebrate the transformational capabilities that arise when systems, ideas, and techniques intertwingle. The 2016 conference particularly aims to cultivate innovative scholarship and practices that integrate, immerse, and aspire to make a positive contribution to the world around us.  
To do this, we need your best work! SIGGRAPH 2016 offers a variety of publication opportunities for you to present and be an integral part of the upcoming conference. We are seeking submissions in four major categories: Research, Learning, Experiences, and Computer Animation Festival). Complete details on each category and program.

From critical scientific work to theoretical research presentations, lecture-based courses and workshops to newly developed emerging technologies, real-time immersive environments to experiential installations, mobile applications to innovative computer-generated animation and visual effects, submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by a highly experienced and qualified jury comprised of top scholars and practitioners from a plethora of specializations. 

Please be mindful of the deadlines! SIGGRAPH deadlines are firm, and we don’t want to miss your submission. And feel free to contact SIGGRAPH 2016 program chairs or myself regarding the submission process. We’ll be happy to assist you with your questions, concerns, or ideas.  
On behalf of the SIGGRAPH 2016 committee, I invite you to contribute and to join us this summer in beautiful and sunny Anaheim, California for another educational, stimulating, and memorable gathering of the worldwide SIGGRAPH community.  With you, we hope to shape and imagine the infinite possibilities of our future.

I look forward to seeing you there!

SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference Chair
Mona Kasra


Research papers, posters, and talks present new contributions to knowledge in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Posters and talks convey research in its early stages and allow presenters to receive feedback from the community. Theoretical or critical research papers thoroughly cite relevant previous work and rigorously demonstrate the validity of their conclusions. Although all SIGGRAPH submissions are peer-reviewed, research papers undergo a more formal, journal-quality review process and are published in citable archives.

Art Papers
Technical Papers



These programs provide educational opportunities and discussion forums. They include formal presentations of topics, sharing of practical experience, and discussion of issues in computer graphics and interactive techniques. And they allow attendees to “get up to speed” quickly in areas of graphics that are new to them, hear from active practitioners, and share ideas about problems that need to be solved and new areas of exploration.

Birds of a Feather
Production Sessions



In SIGGRAPH 2016's experiential programs, attendees observe and interact with apps, demos, and hands-on labs that showcase everything from mobile VR to haptic technologies, real-time game sequences, 3D printing, and immersive realities.

Appy Hour
Emerging Technologies
Real-Time Live!
VR Village​


Computer Animation Festival

For this annual festival of the world's most innovative, accomplished, and amazing digital film and video, a prestigious international jury reviews hundreds of submissions and presents the best work of the year in two programs:

Electronic Theater & Daytime Selects