Exhibits Fast Forward

A preview of the products and announcements that companies are planning for SIGGRAPH 2016 in a fast-paced, entertaining session before the Exhibition opens.

Exhibitors see below for details on how to organize and schedule a presentation for Exhibits Fast Forward.

For Exhibitors

Don't miss this invaluable promotional opportunity!

Now in its fourth year, Exhibits Fast Forward provides SIGGRAPH 2016 attendees and media representatives an enticing preview of the products and services available in the Exhibition. Present your most compelling story in this live, fast-moving, fun, all-exhibitor presentation on Monday, 25 July, the day before the Exhibition opens, and then be prepared to welcome enthusiastic booth visitors eager to learn more about your company.

  • 40-second presentations.
  • Video and audio welcome.
  • Trailers welcome.
  • Informative still image(s) welcome.

Exhibitors can also direct attention to their Exhibitor Tech Talks by adding an additional 40 seconds to their Exhibits Fast Forward presentations. 

At a cost of $200 this is a powerful way to connect to a riveted audience of about 1,000 attendees before the Exhibition opens.

Presentation Submission Instructions

Call or write Exhibition Management (800.752.6312, +1.630.434.7779).