Transition Spaces
Virtual and real spaces are interwoven entities that we manipulate by consuming, interacting, living, breathing, using information, and just being. The real becomes augmented, the virtual can be mechanically reproduced multiple times on a printer, and the narrowing distance between these spaces offers an opportunity to create a richer world in the transition. The Studio explores altered reality, the virtual made physical, and creations that cross these spaces.

Studio Projects
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Feuding Cities: Who Wants to Play?

Feuding Cities Video

Feuding Cities in the SIGGRAPH 2016 Studio offers attendees an opportunity to compete in a physical and digital game throughout the conference week.  After joining one of the two cities – Takal or Matusa – attendees create assets for a physical game including buildings, defense systems, and cannons, or they contribute to the virtual version of the game through 3D scanning, game programming, or model making. Attendees participate in training to learn how to build the physical or digital assets and then develop strategies for the competition. Feuding Cities culminates with an epic battle on Wednesday, 27 July at 4 pm. The city with the most points wins.

Come to the Studio and learn how to participate, or visit the city pages below and leave a comment: