General Contractor: Freeman

901 East South Street 
Anaheim, California 92805 USA  
+.1.469.621.5602 fax

Freeman is the official service provider for: Exhibit Transportation & Customs Clearance Services, Audio/Visual, Computer, Rental Exhibits, Furniture, Carpeting, Installation & Dismantle Labor, Material Handling, Signs/Graphics, and Electrical. 

Freeman offers Freeman OnLine®, their online ordering service, where you can order all Freeman Services, view show schedules, and print order forms. To place online orders, you will be required to enter your unique login ID and password. If this is your first use of Freeman OnLine®, click on "New User" to create a login ID and password. If you need assistance with Freeman OnLine®, please call the Customer Support Center at +1.888.508.5054.

Individual Forms can be found in the Forms Library.

Freeman is the official general contractor, responsible for drayage, decoration, computer, labor, and global transportation:

  • Drayage pertains to the moving of freight from the loading docks to booths, and from booths to the loading docks; also between booths.
  • Decoration pertains to installing, decoration, and dismantling exhibits.
  • Labor for drayage and decoration is also arranged through the general contractor.
  • Global transportation pertains to inbound and outbound materials shipping abroad, the online tracking system, and coordination of all customs and legal documentation requirements.

We recommend that each exhibitor obtain a pro forma invoice for all services supplied by the general services contractor before leaving the exhibition hall.

Transportation and Customs

Freeman Exhibit Transportation, in conjunction with North American Logistics Services will be providing Canadian Customs Clearance Services as well as US customs clearance for the return of your shipment (if applicable) from SIGGRAPH 2016. If you have any questions or want to request a quote, please contact Freeman's Exhibit Transportation & Customs Clearance Services Team at:

+1.877.478.1113 for US and Canadian exhibitors
+1.905.951.5475 (5476) for international exhibitors