Advertising at SIGGRAPH 2016

Connect your brand with an attendee base that's looking for the latest and best technologies. Optimize your visibility by participating in one or more of SIGGRAPH 2016's exceptional advertising opportunities listed below.

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Attendee Lounge and Mobile Charging Station
Be at the heart of it all and sponsor the SIGGRAPH 2016 Attendee Lounge and Mobile Charging Station. Directly at the entrance of the Experience Hall, branded with your company’s name and logo, attendees gather here to network, socialize, and recharge themselves and their mobile devices. Take advantage of this high impact, highly sought-after opportunity today.



Conference Locator Print Ad
The Conference Locator is the wildly popular pocket program that all attendees refer to throughout SIGGRAPH 2016. It is widely distributed throughout the convention center and includes conference information, daily schedules, maps, and exhibitor lists with booth numbers.

Full page: $1,100
Inside front cover: $1,500
Back cover: $2,000


Convention Center Meeting Rooms
Need a quiet place away from the exhibition floor but within walking distance of your booth? A limited number of convention center meeting rooms are available for rental on a daily basis. The daily room rental rate includes basic furnishing. Room sizes vary. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and sell out quickly.

$2,000 per day


Exhibitor Tech Talks
Host an Exhibitor Tech Talk to present more in-depth tutorials. These product educational sessions, open to all attendees, are featured in promotional materials as well as on the SIGGRAPH 2016 web site. Tech Talks are presented in meeting rooms.

$2,000 per session


Thousands of conference attendee receive a lanyard for their badge holder. Include your company logo and message.

Production and shipping costs not included.


Merchandise Bag Insert
Draw traffic to your booth by promoting your message in the merchandise bags distributed to thousands of attendees. Be creative - a game card, your message on a city map, lip balm, pens, a pedometer.

Production and shipping costs not included.


Tote Bags
Provide conference attendees something they will use long after SIGGRAPH 2016. Each registered Full Conference attendee receives an environmentally friendly tote bag with your company name and logo. Also available: opportunity to add a small promotional item in each bag.

Contact Exhibition Management for pricing



Trending Wall
Spanning the main lobby at the entrance to SIGGRAPH 2016, the 11-foot x 6-foot (3.4 x 1.8 meters) LED Trending Wall greets attendees as they arrive each day and delivers updates on what’s hot and happening in the convention center: video recaps, prominent speakers, new-tech concepts, awards, and interviews with attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Promote your company with an attention-grabbing 20-second spot on the Trending Wall. Each spot appears 18 times per hour, 162 times per conference day, 800+ times throughout the week. No other SIGGRAPH 2016 opportunity offers this volume of highly visible impressions.

The flat plasma screen delivers high-definition images in all lighting environments to SIGGRAPH 2016 attendees.

Static ad or video (no sound).

Advertiser Responsibilities
Provide content to specifications, subject to SIGGRAPH 2016 approval.

Limited to 10 exhibitors.



Mobile App Splash Screen
The opening splash screen is available and will highlight one company. Attendees won't miss your brand front and center upon launching the app on their mobile device. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to receive powerful impressions. 



Mobile App Header Logo
Your company logo will display in the header bar of the app, limited to iOS. For best results your logo should be white or light-colored without too much fine detail.



Registration Web Site Ad (Exclusive)
Make sure every attendee sees your advertising in the re-confirmation they receive right before the conference. 



SIGGRAPH 2016 Web Site
The web site is the main source of information for attendees. It’s the ideal place to promote your booth location and highlight your products and services in the months leading up to SIGGRAPH 2016. Ads run from the time they are received through four months following the event. Up to three ads are rotated per page.

Leaderboard Ad $2,800 
Button Ad $2,100


The SIGGRAPH 2016 email newsletter, which reaches 45,000+ prospects, can include your ad linked to your web site. This opportunity is limited by the number of newsletters issued, and it’s going fast.

$2,500 per issue


Virtual Event Bag
Why stuff an event bag with paper when sponsors expect digital connection to your audience and your prospects expect valuable sponsor swag. This opportunity enables sponsors to engage with video and capture leads through giveaways. The bag is shared via scheduled email invitations. Promote access via the SIGGRAPH 2016 mobile app, social media, event website, and more.




Display your company banner in highly visible areas of the conference and exhibition. Grab attendees’ attention when they arrive, register, walk to sessions, and leave for the day. Installation and dismantle are included in each package. Advertiser is responsible for production and shipping costs.

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