Moving Mobile Graphics


Moving Mobile Graphics

Sunday, 24 July, 2:00 pm - 5:15 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom D

While similar in many respects, desktop and mobile GPUs operate in radically different form factors. The available power budget, potential die area, and capacity to dissipate heat differ by several orders of magnitude. To produce graphics of comparable quality within the form factor of a mobile phone, all aspects of modern real-time graphics scrutinized, from GPU hardware design and associated graphics APIs to the algorithms and techniques employed.

This half-day course provides a technical introduction to mobile graphics spanning the hardware-software spectrum and explores the state of the art with practitioners at the forefront of mobile graphics. The course explores key advances in mobile graphics, including virtual reality, image processing with GPU compute, efficient use of new low-overhead APIs, and tailoring algorithms for mobile architectures.




Knowledge of basic real-time rendering.

Intended Audience

Anyone with a technical interest in the state of the art in graphics on mobile devices.


Sam Martin
ARM Ltd.

Marius Bjørge
ARM Ltd.

Niklas Smedberg
Epic Games, Inc.

Andrew Garrard
Samsung R&D Institute UK

Ray Tran
CCP hf

Cass Everitt
Oculus VR LLC

Jay Yun
Qualcomm Inc.