An Elementary Introduction to Matrix Exponential for CG


An Elementary Introduction to Matrix Exponential for CG

Sunday, 24 July, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Room 303 A-C

This course provides an approach to "visually" understanding several mathematical concepts as computer graphics basics, focusing on matrix exponential. Mathematical concepts include 2D/3D translation, rotation, affine transformation, quaternion, dual quaternion, exponential, and logarithm. To clarify the relationships among these concepts and computer graphics practice, several graphics techniques are also demonstrated, such as morphing (ARAP), cage-based deformation, and Poisson mesh editing.

A unique and interesting feature of this course is that most of the concepts are explained with animation videos, which help the audience get visual "experience" of mathematical concepts more concretely than learning from a textbook. The practical graphics applications also illustrate the power of careful use of the mathematical concepts.




Basic linear algebra and calculus.

Intended Audience

Beginners in compter graphics.


Hiroyuki Ochiai
Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University

Ken Anjyo
OLM Digital, Inc.

Ayumi Kimura
OLM Digital, Inc.