Get in Shape

Sunday, 24 July, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom A

AutoSpline: Animation Controls Only When and Where You Need Them

Pixar's powerful new system for animating highly directible curves is designed to give animators enormous control without the overhead of managing every aspect of every control when only simple shapes or motions are required.

Mark Hessler
Pixar Animation Studios

Jeremie Talbot
Pixar Animation Studios

SuperD: SubD Without Subdivision

SuperD employs a recursive subdivision modeling interface, but without generation of troublesome extraordinary points or patch clusters at those points. The key to SuperD is generating appropriate N-sided surface patches corresponding to the mesh topology. The N-sided patches also enable G2 continuity and efficient mobile-device implementation.

Alyn Rockwood
Boulder Graphics LLC

Kun Gao
Boulder Graphics LLC

Michael Farrell
Verto Studio

Physical Mesh Data Structures

This work demonstrates that existing mesh data structures in computer graphics can be used to categorize and construct physical polygonal models.

Ergun Akleman
Texas A & M University

Shenyao Ke
Texas A&M University

You Wu
Texas A&M University

Mesh Colors With Hardware Texture Filtering

Mesh colors solve the problems of texture mapping by minimizing manual labor and eliminating seams, but they are not supported by today's GPUs. This talk introduces a method for packing mesh colors into 2D textures to utilize existing graphics hardware for performing the texture-filtering operations of mesh colors.

Cem Yuksel
University of Utah