Tuesday, 26 July, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom C
Session Chair: Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Princeton University

A Non-Parametric-Factor Microfacet Model for Isotropic BRDFs

An investigation of the expressiveness of the microfacet model for isotropic BRDFs measured from real materials with a non-parametric-factor model that represents the model’s functional structure but abandons restricted parametric formulations of its factors. The method improves rendering accuracy for most materials while reducing storage by 10×.

Derek Nowrouzezahrai
Université de Montréal

Mohammed Bagher Mahdi
Microsoft Research

John Snyder
Microsoft Research

Reflectance Modeling by Neural Texture Synthesis

This work synthesizes an SVBRDF of a textured material from a single input image. In the spirit of parametric texture synthesis, it drives the model fit using a statistical image comparison without explicit matches between model predictions and the input. Given the softness of the objective, surprisingly good results are obtained.

Miika Aittala
Aalto University

Timo Aila
NVIDIA Corporation

Jaakko Lehtinen
NVIDIA Corporation, Aalto University

ZoeMatrope: A System for Physical Material Design

Introdcuing ZoeMatrope: a material display that can present and animate realistic material by compositing real objects. ZoeMatrope can display a variety of materials including diffuse, specular, transparent, spatially varying, and even augmented objects with great resolution, dynamic range, and light-field fidelity.

Leo Miyashita
University of Tokyo

Kota Ishihara
PKSHA Technology Inc.

Yoshihiro Watanabe
University of Tokyo

Masatoshi Ishikawa
University of Tokyo