Curve & Strut Networks for Fabrication

Wednesday, 27 July, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom E
Session Chair: Niloy Mitra, University College London

Synthesis of Filigrees for Digital Fabrication

A method to synthesize a set of filigree elements over a target surface to form a composite filigree pattern strong enough to be fabricated. The method formulates filigree synthesis as a dense packing problem with appearance-driven partial matches, based on a novel pattern-partial matching energy.

Weikai Chen
University of Hong Kong

Xiaolong Zhang
University of Hong Kong

Shiqing Xin
Ningbo University

Yang Xia
Dalian University of Technology

Sylvain Lefebvre

Wenping Wang
University of Hong Kong

Designing Structurally Sound Ornamental Curve Networks

A computational tool for designing ornamental curve networks: structurally sound physical surfaces with user-controlled aesthetics.

Jonas Zehnder
The Walt Disney Company

Stelian Coros
Carnegie Mellon University

Bernhard Thomaszewski
The Walt Disney Company

Connected Fermat Spirals for Layered Fabrication

These new types of "space-filling" curves, connected Fermat spirals, display advantages as a tool-path fill pattern for layered fabrication.

Haisen Zhao
Shandong University

Fanglin Gu
Shandong University

Qi-xing Huang
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Jorge Garcia
Purdue University

Yong Chen
University of Southern California

Changhe Tu
Shandong University

Bedrich Benes
Purdue University

Hao Zhang
Simon Fraser University

Daniel Cohen-Or
Tel Aviv University

Baoquan Chen
Shandong University

Printing Arbitrary Meshes With a 5DOF Wireframe Printer

This method to print arbitrary meshes with a 5DOF wireframe printer enables improved shape approximation and shape depiction as compared to previous wireframe printing approaches.

Rundong Wu
Cornell University

Huaishu Peng
Cornell University

François Guimbretière
Cornell University

Steve Marschner
Cornell University