Studio Projects

Do-it-Yourself Virtual Reality Experiences on Networked Mobile Devices

Realiteer Corp. is creating an authoring platform that enables everyone to create and share unique VR experiences, from building customizable VR equipment to generating unique VR content on smartphones and sharing with friends in real time.

Fangwei Lee

E-Canons and Other Robot Weapons


In this project, attendees learn how to build a cannon that shoots 3/4-inch nylon balls, like a tennis-ball machine. After attendees assemble the cannon’s microcontrollers, sensors, and servomotors, they program it for accurate operation and design a ball hopper to feed the cannon more ammunition. The cannons will be used in the the Feuding Cities game.

Andrew Besmer
Winthrop University

Lumii: DIY Light-Field Prints

Create a hologram-like 3D image of your own face on a thin printed surface using a standard inkjet printer coupled to Lumii’s light-field engine.

Matthew Hirsch
Lumii Inc.

Daniel Leithinger
Lumii Inc.

Thomas Baran
Lumii Inc.

Lumio3D: Rapid 3D Geometry and Reflectance Acquisition from Continuous Spherical Illumination

Lumio3D captures both high-fidelity 3D geometry and reflectance from 48 viewpoints around the object with continuous spherical illumination created by 15,000 programmable LEDs in less than one minute.

Borom Tunwattanapong
Ratchathani University

Pitchaya Sitthi-Amorn
Chulalongkorn University

Wichayut Eaksarayut
Chulalongkorn University

MiragePrinter: Interactive Fabrication on a 3D Printer With a Mid-Air Display

MiragePrinter is a fabrication device that combines a 3D printer and a mid-air floating image display to seamlessly connect users’ digital works and physical works. With this system, users can design, modify, and print object models on the 3D printer’s stage while viewing floating images overlapped with it.

Junichi Yamaoka
Keio University

Yasuaki Kakehi
Keio University

Zushiki Light Art: Form Finding and Making Through Paper Folding


This project demonstrates a practical application of paper folding (the art of origami) to seek innovative ways of form finding and making in product design.

Jiangmei Wu
Indiana University